Miller’s Cafe

Miller’s Café, 23 Spring Gardens, Buxton
around 1938

(Demolished, Trespass is now on the site)

All our interviewees had fond memories of Miller’s cafe, a popular meeting place for many years.

There are references to Miller’s on Spring Gardens as early as 1912 advertising their specialities as “cream candies, home-made toffee, chocolate mixtures, fondants and marzipans”. By 1938, Miller’s had expanded into a three-storey café with rather a grandiose frontage and a light-up sign. There are photographs in the collection that document a visit from the Wells Dressing Queen in 1938. We can therefore assume that Miller’s was regarded as an significant location in its heyday. They closed for business sometime in the 1990s but had survived, in one form or another, for over 80 years.

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