How to use this app

We hope these tours will be simple to use, but if you notice any problems or are struggling to use them please don’t hesitate to email or contact the museum

The app is accessed only through your browser, there is nothing you need to download. All the audio and pictures can be downloaded as you are moving around the tour sites through your data signal. If you are worried about using up your data limit, be assured that if you listened to all the audio on one tour and looked at all the pictures that should come to no more than 30mb in total.

To use each tour choose it from the main menu and then choose one of the options for following the tour. For each of them you have the option to manually pick which tour stop you’ll like to listen to, or to use the map to navigate to each one.

Buxton Waters also has a GPS triggered tour that will automatically start the audio when you come to the right spot, so you can switch on the GPS, put the phone in your pocket and just wander from spot to spot.

Stories of Shopping encourages you to share your own memories and photos through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The Dovedale Family Activity Tour is a little different. This is a simple set of activities and stories for you to follow as a family whilst walking through Dovedale. You can download it as a pdf and then print or view this on your phone, or view the website. There is only a very patchy mobile signal at Dovedale so you may want to print or download this in advance.